5 Sales Page Hacks That Boost Conversions!

Get your digital program or product into the hands of thousands with my top 5 hacks for a high-converting sales page.

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You're About to Discover:

HOW my client Erika made an extra $30,000 simply by adding this ONE element to her sales page.

Why you're actually KILLING your conversions - without even realizing it!

The simple framework for how to present your PRICE the right way without it being awkward!

The formatting trick I use to get people to read your sales page, even if you still believe, “no one is gonna read this thing!”

Why Students Are Raving About This Training:




"Not only will you create your sales pages, but you can use bits and pieces from it in your emails, social media posts, videos, etc. It also helped get even more clear on my messaging...and my offer! OMG! It changed dramatically! I actually fell IN LOVE with my own offer after this. Once again James has created a simple to follow process."

"Sales Pages used to stress me out as I struggle with copywriting. This training helped me relook at how to craft one, what to think about and how to make it more impactful. I used many of the tips I learned from the training on all my pages, not just my sales page. Totally recommend it!"

"This training truly delivers on everything James stands for - intention and simplicity. It isn't only relevant for the here and now based on what's "hot" in marketing or based on some temporary trend. Worth every minute!"

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