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$255,000 Online Course Launch

He made $5k in the first 10 days... Now he's surpassing 500k in revenue.

$164,000 Launch and Counting

Stepping into the Digital CEO role of her business, Jasmine discovered that GREAT PRODUCTS (the ones that people actually want to buy) are determined by what your customer wants, NOT what you think they need.

Britt went from two back-to-back $20K launches (not too shabby) to a more recent launch that generated $164K in sales (holy coyote!).

I built my very first course and at first, it epically failed, but I finally have my first successful launch. It generated about $5,000 worth of revenue in about 10 days and it blew my mind.

From No Audience to Discovering How to Build One

From Working 50 Hours a Week to Increasing Her Revenue by 157% and Only Working 17 Hours a Week

From $1200 to $70K per Month in Recurring Revenue

I bring you a Spiritual Healer’s breakthrough journey who started his business by making videos (bad ones!) and sharing them online, with no plan or marketing strategy, hoping that everybody or anybody would listen.

I don't mean that you gonna make that type of money but I wanna let you know that was available and I for sure didn't take my account to that next level until I was in Business By Design.

I'm working less than a third than what I was working before. I also have seen my monthly revenue increase by 157% even though I am working less than a third of what I was working before BBD.

From 14 Hour Days to a Multiple 6-Figure Business

From Employee to Launching a 6-Figure Business

10 Days to a $20,000 Beta Launch

Four years ago, Tiffany Lee Bymaster (aka Coach Glitter), was completely overworked and was physically unable to keep it up any longer. Today, Tiffany runs her own multiple six-figure business from the comfort of her own home.

She now runs a six-figure business, just moved into a new apartment, bought her first five-figure living room sofa, and has the freedom to hangout with her two kitties and handsome hubby.

Whom just over 2.5 years ago, had an life-changing “wake up call” with CANCER and soon became MORE afraid of *NOT* following her dreams than fearing she’d make a mistake or look bad.

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